Tinting the windows of your home has many benefits: UV protection, heat rejection, glare reduction, fade reduction, insulation, it can even save you money by reducing the use of air-con. Whatever the application may be, AutoTintz can provide a free measure & quote service, film samples & a professional installation service that will leave you glad you got the job done right the first time. Speak to one of our experienced team members to find out which film is right for you. See the most popular residential window films we use below.

Spectrally Selective

Spectrally-selective films offer excellent heat rejection and energy savings with a virtually invisible appearance for an uninterrupted view.

  • – Block 99% UVA & UVB rays
  • – 60-90% VLT shades for a non-tinted appearance
  • – Available in multiple colours & constructions
  • – Blocks heat & glare for added comfort
  • – Protects interior furnishings from sun damage
  • – Manufacturer backed limited warranty*

Dual Reflective

Dual reflective residential window films offer the best in solar protection, film clarity & privacy all in one. With natural colour tones and a range of VLT’s available, these films are the most popular among Auckland residents.

  • – High heat & glare reduction
  • – Neutral/reflective colour tones for a clean look.
  • – Available in multiple shades & colours
  • – Blocks 99% of harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • – Protects upholstery & interior furnishings
  • – Manufacturer backed limited warranty*


Non-reflective residential window films come in multiple shades, colours and constructions. These films typically offer a clean, non-metal, non-reflective black or charcoal colour tone with great solar protection. 

  • – Attractive appearance for a modern look
  • – Heat & glare reduction for added comfort
  • – Available in multiple shades & colour tones
  • – Blocks >99& UV rays
  • – Protects interior against sun damage
  • – Manufacturer backed limited warranty*


Decorative window films come in an array of styles & can be customized to suit your homes style. These films are available in patterned, frosted or textured finishes & are a great way to modernize your private space.

  • – Add style to your decor
  • – Block the view but retain external light
  • – Popular in all modern homes
  • – Customize to suit your style
  • – Quality materials that don’t break down
  • – Manufacturer backed limited warranty’s


Synthetic insulation films can almost be better than a double glazed window in the fact that they block more UV, retain more heat and block more solar energy, all while maintaining visibility.

  • – Excellent solar protection 
  • – Control climate more efficiently
  • – Lets cold, damp air out while retaining warmth
  • – Blocks the sun’s damaging UV rays
  • – Unaltered glass appearance when applied
  • – Manufacturer backed limited warranty*