Our chrome delete service is popular on vehicles of all makes and models. We use the same high quality wrap films used to wrap full vehicles, predominantly in a matte, satin or gloss black finish to give a sleek, more modern look to your car, truck, bike or boat. Where a vinyl wrap is too complex to be applied, such as badges & mesh grilles, we use a specialized spray called plasti-dip which gives a long lasting, 100% removable finish, just like vinyl. Chrome is dated… time to refresh your ride with a chrome black-out at AutoTintz.

Wrap Films

Wrap films used in the purpose of chrome delete are the best way to cover larger, less complicated areas or areas that will have the most human contact such as door handles, roof rails, side steps, window trims & chrome bumpers.

  • – Long lasting, removable wrap film
  • – Wide range of colours to choose from
  • – Protects against scratching & chips
  • – Protects against UV damage
  • – Hides light scratches & imperfections
  • – Conformable to wrap the most curved areas
  • – Manufacturer backed limited warranty’s
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For chrome-delete, Plasti-dip is most commonly used on fiddly, more complex areas such as badges, logos, grille inserts, vents, & spotlight surrounds. When applied correctly, Plasti-dip can have a smooth, vinyl like finish that is durable & easily removed when desired, but not by accident.

  • – Long lasting, removable rubber spray
  • – Wide range of colours to choose from
  • – Protects against light scratching & chips
  • – UV resistant & durable when applied right
  • – Hides light scratches & imperfections
  • – Ease of application to the most complex areas