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Auckland Chrome Delete

Chrome delete. Murdered out. Blacked out. However you say it, it’s a real trend and its growing ever more popular. Blacking out the chrome on your vehicles exterior is a sure-fire way take it from sad to bad in a few simple steps.

We can get rid of that dated chrome on your front grille, window surrounds, badges & more by using our specialist techniques to apply either matte, gloss or satin black Rubber Paint & Vinyl wrap.

chrome deletion

Chrome Wrapping

The vinyl wrap we use for chrome delete is the same material used to wrap a whole vehicle, with added techniques to ensure a lasting result. In this application, vinyl is mostly used on chrome window surrounds, handles & areas that may be touched frequently.

Rubber Paint Services

Rubber Paint is a removable aerosol spray that comes out in liquid form and dries as a rubber coating which can be peeled off if desired, leaving the original protected surface beneath. This is mostly used where vinyl wrapping is too fiddly such as badges, vents & tow bars etc.

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