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This product is amazing. Not only does it look fantastic, it also protects your light lens’ from cracking, scratching, stone chips, hazing, and yellowing. LAMIN-X is warranted for 5 years against breakdown and fading so you are guaranteed lasting results. It can be removed within this 5 year period without damaging the surface it is applied to also.

Available in a variety of shades:

  • Clear (for an unaltered look)
  • Tint ( light black)
  • Gun Smoke (medium)
  • Smoke (medium-dark)
  • Charcoal (dark)
  • Red (great for taillight lens repairs or for covering chrome, clear or amber taillights)
  • Orange (great for indicator lens repairs or a bold look)
  • Yellow (for a bright, yellow light)
  • Blue (for that HID effect)
  • Green (for a bold look)

The Law

NZ Land Transport Safety Authority may limit the application of dark or coloured films.

LAMIN-X products have very good light transmittance but may alter the brightness or colour of your light beam slightly. Whether this is legal or not will come down to the discretion of the law enforcement/warrant of fitness officer who is doing the inspection on the vehicle.

Go to www.lamin-x.com for more film information.

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